Eat the Rich (Feminine Cut)

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Eat the rich! Seriously though, don't they're probably not part of a well balanced diet. But let's put a dent in capitalism in it's current state by supporting a business that takes care of it's employees. We can ethically grow together by changing the mindset that only those at the top deserve a fair wage. Ethic Attire LLC If you like the art and want to commission the artist for your own work here’s a link! Michael is great to work with and his prices are more than fair!

Women's T-Shirt | Fruit of the Loom L3930R
slimmer fit
S 24.21 in 17.48 in 5.98 in
M 25.47 in 18.46 in 6.50 in
L 26.50 in 19.49 in 6.97 in
XL 27.99 in 20.98 in 7.24 in
2XL 28.98 in 23.46 in 7.48 in
3XL 30.00 in 25.47 in 7.72 in